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Steve Lesnard, The North Face Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product, Brings Hiking And Trail Running To New Heights

We know the North Face for its popular outwear technology. However, The North Face has now decided that our feet need help too. In 2020, athletes sponsored by The North Face were given the new Vectiv shoe line.

According to The North Face Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Steve Lesnard, the inspiration for the new Vectiv system came at the top of Mont Blanc. Lesnard explains we made the Vectiv maximize energy regardless of the terrain. The system powers runners forward, reducing the impact on the body.

The North Face set up a research and development center in the Alps. Athletes covered over 6,000 miles, testing Vectiv’s carbon fiber system. The data revealed that the system reduced the downhill impact on a runner by 10 percent. The goal of the Vectiv is to give athletes more energy and propulsion.

The North Face Senior Product Director of Footwear Michael Thompson explains that the Vectiv system begins with the underfoot plate. According to Thompson, the underfoot plate gives the runner side-to-side and forward and backward control. The mid-layer is the cushion layer runners can adjust to meet their needs. The outsole, the third layer, comprises surface control technology made for trails. Refer to this page for additional information.

The shoes are now available to the public. They are comfortable enough for a walk to the coffee shop but tough enough to tackle your favorite running trail.