Richard Liu —’s Amazing Leader

Richard Liu is the Founder and CEO of A $24 billion company that is growing exponentially in China. This article will talk about his accomplishments and the challenges he faces as a CEO. Also, what lessons we can learn from him.

Brief Background Check of Richard Liu

Richard joined Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute in 1988 after graduating from the Hangzhou Number 3 High School. He eventually moved to the United States with his wife Cathy in 1995. Here he attended the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and received a Master’s degree in computer science. In 1998, he returned to China to start JD with $60,000 of savings and an additional $20,000 loan from his parents.

How He Started

Liu Qiangdong started JD in 1998 with his wife Cathy with $60,000 of their savings. With no experience, he took on the enormous task of launching an e-commerce company when the internet was in its infancy.

He was able to start up the company by selling Chinese textbooks online in China. At this time, e-commerce was not widespread yet, so it wasn’t easy for him to obtain funding from investors or business partners to continue his business.

Challenges and Lessons

Richard Liu’s achievement lies in his ability to build a company from scratch and compete with the world’s largest technology company. His company was able to compete with Google, Facebook, Paypal, and other major e-commerce companies. He is also said to be a great decision-maker and able to make quick decisions, even if he makes mistakes. He has even been quoted saying, “You can learn from mistakes, but you cannot learn from

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