Raffaele Riva

The Italian-born professional magician, Raffaele Riva, was born on December 21st, 1877. He eventually became famous for several feats of levitation and allegedly unique magical acts. Most notably is the act he devised involving vanishing ink bottles, which led to a court battle with Harry Houdini that lasted ten years and won him fame worldwide.

Riva was a consultant for Georges Méliès’s Star Wars in 1977 and has been involved with various other films, including Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus and The Count of Monte Cristo. In 1928 he published an article on his most influential magic trick, “The Chinese Conjurer,” among other tricks.

His Achievements

Riva’s most famous achievement was the creation of his vanishing ink bottle act. It involved a large, ornate, antique pot and glass bottles that were colored blue. He would put them in front of an audience member, make them vanish, and reappear in the pot. The bottles were hidden under a cloth that would be placed over them and removed to reveal the bottles empty. He did not perform this regularly as he had to hide his preparations for this trick under his table, out of sight from the audience.

Riva was also known for his magical exploits outside of entertainment. He performed publicly at charity events and on stage, although he preferred to avoid magic shows due to their vulgarity. He also performed on stage with his wife, Isabelle, and they occasionally performed together. The pair were known as “The Wonder Twins” when they performed their vanishing act on stage at The Palace Theater in New York in 1910.

Raffaele Riva was hired to work on the film The Mysterious Island by Georges Méliès in 1926 for several months. He used his magic tricks to film certain scenes.

Raffaele Riva is famous, and his contributions are remembered in the world of entertainment. He is attributed with creating new tricks inspired by other magicians to create unique effects and ideas. See Also:

Raffaele Riva

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