The Eterneva Process

Losing a loved one is hard. However, there are beautiful ways you can preserve their memories. Eterneva’ offers such ways. For instance, you can take the ashes of your loved ones and create stunning diamonds from them.

Additionally, Eterneva aims to offer a personalized grief journey and a unique memorial option to the bereaved. It gives bereaved families a more soulful way to honor their departed loved ones. This service does not apply to humans only. You can have your pet’s ashes turned into diamonds as well.

What to Expect During the Process

The idea behind this procedure is to celebrate people and pets who left a mark. Eterneva has designed an intense eight-month process to create touching memories. This journey is unique to the grieving and even helps to deal with grief.

The process is involving since clients get to choose the diamond’s cut, size, and color. They also have the option of choosing any inscriptions to be made. These stones serve as meaningful connections to the ones departed.

During the process, you will be required to provide some information about your loved one and their relationship with you. You will also give some information about yourself. When you start the process, expect to receive an Eternevas kit that contains what you need to package your loved one’s ashes and send back for them to make diamonds out of.

This package contains:

  • A welcoming video to explain the process in-depth and also to introduce you to the Eternevas team
  • A booklet with detailed instructions and more information on the process
  • A lovely container for the ashes
  • Cubic zirconia so you can reference the different carat sizes

What is more, a member of the Eternava team will contact you to educate you further on the process and to assist you in choosing the perfect diamond.

Eterneva is bringing hope to the bereaved that death isn’t the end of something and that their memories can still be a significant part of their lives. It also brings to attention how a physical item can have a physical impact on the grieving process. Click the link to learn more: