PosiGen Solar Energy

Posigen, Bringing Affordable and Efficient Solar Energy to Your Homes

Have you ever wondered how a green-free environment can be achieved? Posigen solar energy aims to ensure all people have access to green-free solar energy. They have brought up a leasing program that allows individuals to have access to their solar power installation, even for the low-income communities. Through their PosiGen solar power program, individuals can save from the continuously increasing energy bills.


In addition, customers have the ability to have control of the utility cost. PosiGen’s goal is to make sure each of its clients ends up saving rather than having that dollar bill end in their accounts. Not only are they there to serve you, but they work with you. Try to think of having saved money ending up back in the economy. Through low energy power bills, communities are able to generate and support the local economy. Through solar energy, our environment is safe and clean to work in. It allows individuals to have a healthier environment to live in.


How Posigen Was First Established

After Katrina’s hurricane, New Orleans city was reduced to rubbles. The people had to find means of rebuilding the city back to its state and even more robust to sustain future calamities. Programs that were only favorable to the wealthy were established, putting the low and medium-income families on the gap of losing hope. Posigen founders saw this and came up with the idea of putting their customers first. It was through the rule of savings that we first saw Posigen solar power being accepted and recognized by all.