Posigen Effect on Individuals and the Environment

Posigen is a company that specializes in solar energy and being more efficient in regards to energy. They are trying to make their solar tech more affordable and available to everyone. In particular, they are focused on communities that are in the low or moderate categories for income, or communities of color. The idea at PosiGen is to make solar tech easier to acquire through programs like the solar leasing one. This way, families can invest in their own homes in a way they couldn’t before. They will be able to save a significant amount on bills related to utilities, and this will create a more sustainable future for everyone, a large win-win, in other words. 


In general, Posigen has four goals. For one, they want to create job opportunities that didn’t exist before in the areas where they work. In particular, they wish to create jobs for people who may have trouble getting jobs otherwise, including both people of color and women. This is why over 65 percent of people who work for PosiGen are either women or a person of color. Another major goal that PosiGen has is to help families save money and improve their own houses. It’s important for PosiGen to have a positive effect on these areas.


A third goal that the company has is to make sure that they help encourage growth in communities that have people of color. They do this by helping them to increase energy efficiency. Finally, the fourth goal is to make sure that every house that’s serviced contributes to improving the environment. Energy efficiency upgrades often have a serious positive impact on the environment in aggregate. So, team members at PosiGen know that this will have both small and large kinds of impacts. It will make the lives of individual customers better, but it will also make sure that the environment is moved towards a more sustainable future in aggregate. Overall, the company is constantly improving its solar tech and continually increasing the efficiency of the planet and the cost savings to all customers.