Perez Calls for Gender Equality in Music Industry

Desiree Perez is a former president of Epic Records and current CEO of Roc Nation. Desiree shares her personal experiences with discrimination in the industry and offers solutions on how to fix it. She addresses various ways in which leaders can involve in curbing bias in the music industry.

To begin with, Perez advises on creating a future in the music industry by addressing gender inequality, where she states, “We have to change the narrative. We have to create a future where there is no bias against women in music.” Desiree Perez explains that people are biased towards men because of their belief system, which they cannot control.

Desiree continues by sharing her experiences about being underestimated due to being a woman and how she managed it through hard work and dedication. Desiree further advises on creating an environment where leaders can feel comfortable coming forward with complaints, if any, without thinking twice and not letting personal feelings affect decision-making processes for hiring or firing employees.

Desiree suggests giving female artists more opportunities, such as releasing records from them frequently rather than only when necessary, making sure the artist has brought out something unique at all points of time during their career. Perez also suggests giving female artists a chance in the lead role, so there is no biases when it comes to deciding who should take up which parts and how much work they need to put into their performances compared to male artists.

Additionally, her advice was on giving more opportunities for women within leadership positions such as board members. Desiree Perez further adds that one needs people of all genders at every decision-making level if they are serious about creating an equitable industry rather than having only men involved with decisions affecting everyone else working under them.

Desiree Perez believes this would bring positive changes in the music industry by empowering men and women equally without gender discrimination or biases based on sex and race. Offering mentorship to women would also impact the music industry, and believes that the world needs more women leaders in every sector.