Kfir Gavrieli Contributes Towards The Success Of Tieks Company

Tieks is a footwear firm co-founded by Kfir Gavrieli, chairman, president, and chief executive officer. Besides being committed to entrepreneurship, another area of major by Kfir is philanthropy. He is optimistic that through philanthropy, the lives of several people will be improved a notch higher. Kfir focuses on various areas that have spearheaded his success, including technology industries, real estate, hedge funds, and venture capital.

The owner of this renowned shoe company, Tieks, lives in Los Angeles, California. He is actively involved in various activities that promote the well-being of society. This is done through the establishment of non-profitable organizations. During his free time, especially when not working, you will often find Kfir Gavrieli with women trying to empower them and help them achieve the best.

To achieve his career goals, Kfir Gavrieli established the Gavrieli Foundation to nurture and empower women in various parts of the globe and help them achieve their target goals. He strived to ensure that women living lives below the average grow through entrepreneurship. The foundation has been acknowledged globally for its positive impact on transforming the lives of several women.

He also established another foundation, Kiva, which primarily dealt with offering women financial support. This is one of the world’s best loan lenders. The organization gets support from other top-notch entrepreneurs and money lenders, and approximately &10 million was contributed to support women who wanted to venture into entrepreneurship. Kfir did this to eradicate poverty and make the world a better place to live.

The outbreak of the Covid pandemic also brought serious effects, and Kfir contributed towards supporting health experts through the supply of free face masks. This would ensure that health professionals do not contaminate the virus and stay safe while serving their patients. Kfir is an alumnus of Stanford University, where he graduated with a degree in Economics in 2004. He is also knowledgeable about Business Administration and Materials Science. Visit this page for more information.


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