Joseph Ashford Work Culture Growing London-based K4 Global

Joseph Ashford Ellis is a well-known businessman, philanthropist and the founder of K4 Global Company. The global company is based in London and has clients from all walks of life. Since its inception in 2014, the corporation has followed the business culture laid down by its founder. K4 Global focuses on ensuring their client gets the best results. His experience in the different industries in his early life gave him valuable financial management skills.

Today, K4 Global offers multiple services to various industries based on the founder’s expertise and the company’s dedicated team. Joseph Ashford’s role at K4 Global is to head projects concentrated on public relations, VIP concierge service, crisis management, and event management. The avid businessman is proficient in three languages, namely: English, French and Spanish. He shares that he travels a lot worldwide and enjoys giving business talks at numerous conferences and symposiums.

K4 Global mainly depends on referral customers. However, Joseph Ashford Ellis shares that his company focuses on delivering the very best services to their clients. Before undertaking any project, K4 team members lay down a plan on how they will effectively work on the project. Throughout the project, the team members ensure they are up to date with new market demands to provide the customers with the best services.

Joseph Ashford Ellis London insists on maintaining positive relationships wherever you go as he remembers his first client at K4 Global must be a referral. The welknown philanthropist shares that part of his business success is his strong working relationship with his employees. Whenever he gets a business idea, he calls his team members and lays down his thought. Together, they brainstorm and work towards the realization of that business idea. Joseph Ashford Ellis values his family and those around him. He takes part in various charity organizations. Notably, he is actively involved in the Butterfly Foundation that he established to support kids with a rare skin conditions.

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