Jason Hughes On Creating His Own Legal Firm

The tenant representation industry has undergone significant growth over the years. Initially, the property industry focused on the landlord’s rights and interests over the tenants. Jason Hughes, an entrepreneur and founder of Hughes Marino, believes that the tenant is the true customer, and giving attention to the tenant will result in better revenues for both the broker and the property owner. As a leader in Hughes Marino, Jason Hughes’ main function is to assist corporates to negotiate good transactions for their lease properties. Jason beat the status quo by venturing into an industry that critiqued his moves as focusing on the tenant than the landlord.


Strategies that have made Hughes Marino great


Hughes Marino is the leading tenant and buyer representation in San Diego. This company has also been awarded as one of the best working environments for employees. Here are some strategies and mechanisms used by Jason Hughes to become a great company.


Training their Brokers


CEO and businessman Jason Hughes’ experience in the property industry led him to discover that most brokers working for property companies were providing poor-quality work. Commercial brokers were meant to understand and know the ways of operating costs, lease audits, negotiating, and legal terms. Through Hughes Marino, Jason maximized on hiring experts in law, construction, interior design, and finance to train his brokers into becoming the real experts in the industry(Ideamensch). 


This meant that his brokers could provide lease and acquisition services for companies.


Focus on One Aspect


Jason Hughes and his wife, Shay, made the decision to only focus on representing businesses on lease and purchase of property for their business. This made them expertise their services for corporate tenants. This is why in hiring their personnel, Hughes Marino only maintains hiring the best employees. Hughes Marino believes in recruiting only those that will make the company proud through the use of Amazon hiring equipment like bar raisers.

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