Georgette Mulheir Preserving the Freedom of Haitians

In Haiti, President Jovenel Moise is still holding onto power after his term ended. After the 2020 parliamentary elections failed to produce a conclusive result, Moise is still in office even though his term technically ended in February 2021. Even worse, the de facto government may be working with gangs to entrench its power by violence. That violence has become mundane for many innocent Haitians, who regularly experience horrors like kidnappings in their neighborhoods (Ted). 


On top of this, international experts have judged this violence to be tolerated and sponsored by the state, which could add up to crimes against humanity. With the de facto approval of the state, innocent people of all ages get lynched, and neighborhood massacres are a regular occurrence. Meanwhile, the organization Defend Haiti’s Democracy, founded by Georgette Mulheir, is working to restore freedom and democracy in Haiti. Defend Haiti´s Democracy sets out some very specific goals to pressure the increasingly authoritarian President Moise out of power and for free and fair elections to take place again. Mulheir’s Defend Haiti’s Democracy calls for a transitional government to set the country on the path to democracy again and for the international community’s support. Finally, it supports a new and better democratic system to address issues that actually matter to the people.


About Georgette Mulheir

Originally from the United Kingdom, Georgette Mulheir is an influential social worker who promotes human rights around the world. While working in Romania in the 1990s, she was able to lower the number of children in orphanages by 90% over the next 20 years through her strategy of deinstitutionalization. In 2014, the US-based Social Work Degree Guide recognized her as one of the 30 most influential social workers globally. Mulheir worked as a Global Strategic Advisor until 2019.