Betsy Devos Was Put in an Ironic Position

Betsy Devos believes in the importance of educating the young, but she also believes that families and parents should be allowed to choose the schools they send their children to. Not only that, but she believes that they should have government help in achieving this.


She spent decades in politics at the local and state levels in Michigan before getting tapped to be a member of President Trump’s administration. He nominated her to be the Secretary of Education. She accepted this nomination, and the Senate confirmed her to the position.


In that role, she was responsible for guiding the entire educational system across the country, a duty that oversees thousands of colleges and universities and hundreds if not thousands of municipal school districts. Interestingly, she doesn’t believe that many of these schools are serving students all that well.


Politicians on both sides of the aisle will admit that many schools are failing to perform to standards that most Americans would find acceptable. However, the ideas about what to do about it are varied. While there are often calls for more teachers, more spending, and more reform, Secretary Devos thinks that parents should be allowed school choice.


She also thinks the government should help fund this. While choosing their own school is often something affluent households can do, middle- and working-class households often can’t do that. Even families that do pay for a school of their choice still pay taxes that fund public schools they might not even use.


One idea that Betsy Devos advocates for is letting families use those tax dollars as credits they can apply to any school of their choice rather than having a local school arbitrarily forced on them.


While many education secretaries do what they can to reform the educational system, Secretary Devos took the interesting turn of trying to totally shake up how schools are assigned or chosen in the first place.


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